From Studio Flat to Forever Home

Langton Bathroom Basin in blue

Our Top Tips To Help Plan Your New Bathroom

  1. Please bring in a rough sketch of your bathroom, showing the height of the room, windows, doors and position of soil pipe will be helpful.
  2. What kind of boiler/ water system do you have ie combi boiler nb high-pressure taps on a low-pressure system will require a pump.
  3. You may want a full back to wall WC however some bathrooms will require an open-backed pan due to the position of the soil pipe.
  4. If you are having a shower tray its useful to know if require a low profile, a raised one, or a wet room.
  5. Even lighting will get rid of dark areas in the bathroom.
  6. Get in touchPop into our showroom and feel free to browse or one of our staff will be able to talk you through what we have to offer.
Basin and wc