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Contemporary Kitchens

With a passing nod to the Bauhaus era of functionality over embellishment, balanced with detailing that is closer to the Victorian middle classes and material choices being a higher priority, contemporary kitchens are often a mix of the old and new, with appliances often becoming more centre stage.

Bespoke Contemporary Blue Wooden kitchen with island by Haroys Interiors Dorset
Natural oak kitchen pantry

In-Frame Kitchens

Harking back to the era of crafted wooden frames rather than factory made carcases the in-frame look is making a substantial resurgence. Often paired with dovetail drawers, wooden internals and handcrafted details that can work in a variety of ways whether it be ornate cock beading and over height cornicing or paired back slab doors within a frame, there is a myriad of ways to give your kitchen a generous crafted look of opulence.

Handmade Kitchens

There is becoming a wider consensus for bespoke kitchens in the marketplace where you are not limited to factory made decimal sizes and fillers to make up the difference. This gives you the scope to not compromise the most ideal storage solutions or look and also allows you and your designer to truly express yourselves and push out the boat and find unique solutions.

Bespoke Luxury Kitchen by Haroys interiors in Poole Dorset
A large modern kitchen with skylight

Classic Kitchens

There are certain settings and clients that will absolutely require a luxurious feel and ‘eye candy’ details that done right can raise kitchen furniture past function to please the senses. Sculptural elements such as door frame and handle proportions and material elements such as brassware and appliances all working well together, mean that careful consideration during planning is key.

Statement Kitchens

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home and a place where entertaining primarily takes place, as such many of us feel we ideally we want our home to be somewhat an extension of our personality and somewhere we can be proud to show off. Designers love the brief of a statement kitchen as it gives licence to have some fun and make a splash whether that be with appliances, colour worktops, lighting or all of the above.

Ellerton Partridge Grey Charcoal Kitchen fitted by Haroys Interiors in Dorset
Tomba White Gloss Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchens

Modern is slightly different from contemporary as it often is designed to portray a more purist aesthetic, with clean lines, functional storage solutions and relies on material and linear form to be expressive. It can be both understated giving a look of background furniture (particularly popular in small spaces) or bold by using masculine and punchy forms. This style relies heavily on clever design, often coming from Germany and has become incredibly popular in the last few decades.

Just a few of the Brands we work with:

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A modern bespoke kitchen by Haroys Interiors in Poole Dorset